We are very glad to announce our new Partnership with BEYOND AVERAGE SUPPLEMENTS.

Beyond Average Supplements® is a strong and distinct brand which is positioned to become the first supplement brand that strategically completely focuses on beadlet based products. This strategic Partnership will allow Beyond Average Supplements to use the complex beadlet formulations manufactured and developed by SMARTBEADS™. In the course of this collaboration SMARTBEADS™ will provide Beyond Average Supplements® with highly innovative and sophisticated Beadlet Products in premium quality to connect the superior look and design with high-value products. We are confident that both partners will benefit from this cooperation. Furthermore we are convinced that BEYOND AVERAGE will be highly competitive and gain a high market share in the global and in particular in the european dietary supplement market.

Powering the future of dietary Supplements SMARTBEADS™ will continue to formulate and develop new unique time-released beadlets for the dietary supplement market to offer pioneer work for its customers and generate products that are unique and seperate from the main market.